Communication media kit

Find all the #FANDECHENIN documents for download in this section.

The map and the AOC presentation support (dated 2022) in French and English:

French version

English version

Communication objects kit

#FANDECHENIN offers communication media for you (estates, wine merchants, restaurants, or simply a fan!), or for your customers. These objects are sold at the purchase price following a bulk order. Stocks are limited.

If you are interested in an order, contact us specifying the type of object desired and the quantity as well as the place of delivery :

Kraft bags


Set of 50 badges : 11 € HT

Set of 100 badges : 22 € HT

Sommelier knives Coutal Innovation

1.90 € HT, the unit


0.90 € HT, the unit

Jute canvas tote bag 6 bottles (ethical and responsible manufacturing)

6 € HT, the unit


Tote Bags

1.5 € HT, the unit


Drop Stop

0.50 € HT, the unnit